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Patients Testimonials

Patient Testimonial- Mark H

I just wanted to contact you to thank you, the workers, technicians, office personnel, G&A, EVERYBODY! Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful cream (Diclo/Baclo/Cyclo/Tetracaine)!!! This is some amazing cream! I take a powerful narcotic for pain in my neck but it does nothing for the pain in my right shoulder. This topical cream knocks the shoulder pain out cold and assists the narcotic in my neck!

A HUGE thank goes to Pharmacist Derrick Rees. Thank you for listening to my complaint and analysis about the pump bottle. The blue pump bottles deliver the right dose consistently!!! Thank you for also accommodating my unusual requests! Great customer service with a pleasant disposition!

Thank you to the wonderful ladies who answer the phone. You all are so pleasant sounding that I do not think that an angry customer (why they'd be angry, I could not say!) could stay angry for more than 2 sentences upon hearing your voices! Again, great customer service! Thank you!!!

Finally, to Brown's Compounding for making the cream I mentioned earlier more affordable!!! AWESOME!!! Thank you! Now I can use it a bit more often and not worry about if I can afford to get more when I run out. I have been using the minimum that my doctor prescribes. Now I can the maximum!!! Very much appreciated!

Sincerely Grateful,

Mark H in Zephyrhills, FL

Testimonial- Bill Regalski

I have never had this much relief from any medication.  This stuff took all my back pain away.  No more pills! -Bill from Cheswick, PA

Patient Testimonial- Kathy M

Thank you so much for this medicine.  I am finally getting some relief from my hip and knee pain.  It has been a blessing.  I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  I recently had a knee replacement and this medicine has helped.  -Kathy M from Randleman, NC

Patient Testimonial- Hassan Family

Mr. Brown,

I am writing to commend your employees and their exemplary service at your facility, I mention my experience with everyone of them.  After a few days, me and my wife came back and again they treated us better than we have been treated at any pharmacy; and they happily solve our problem.  You are lucky to have them.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Hassan's Family

P.S. I will mention my positive experience with your company to my friends and colleagues.

Patient Testimonial

Dear Staff at Brown's,

Thank you so much for sending David's cream to help the pain in his heels and knees.  He is 13 and has severs disease and Osgood Schlatters Disease.  This cream has helped him continue to play soccer.  I can't tell you how much we appreciate your generosity in helping us.  He has made the state team thanks to you.

With appreciation and warmth,

David and Gail (son & mom)

Jamie from Worthington, OH

This is a miracle!  I've never experienced anything like it.  Thank you so much for the work you do. - Jamie from Worthington, OH speaking of one of our transdermal cream products

Marci W.

Dear Employees and Officers of Browns Compounding,

Thank you for filling my husband's prescription for your compound.  I am writing to thank you also for your willingness to bill us for the co-pay on this prescription. 

When your representative called me to verify our address, I expected her to attempt to obtain credit or debit card information to satisfy this balance.  When she explained that we would be billed for the balance, I realized that yours was a company certainly worthy of our business!

I believe that this is a great business strategy...billing a customer for the balance due.  We sincerely hope that this continued strategy brings great success to your organization.

Thank you again for your show of trust.  Also, my husband is seeing positive results from the sue of your product.  We appreciate that as well.  One more thing: we were impressed with the super-fast shipping!

With kind regards,

Marci W from Kokomo, IN

William K. Noel, D.O.

"I am a 69-year-old, retired board certified Family Practitioner with 40 years experience in the practice of medicine.  I have experienced many medical miracles in my career, and the latest and greatest is the pain relieving cream compounded by Brown’s Compounding Center in Colorado. I have suffered with chronic intractable pain for 16 years, existing on very high doses of strong narcotics daily to control the pain. When my practitioner offered me this pain relieving cream  I smiled quietly to myself knowing that nothing I could possibly rub on my skin could possibly relieve my neuropathic pain. I took the prescription from my doctor and later that evening tried it. To my shock, it didn’t make the pain less…it totally stopped the pain! The relief lasted many hours. When the pain came back, I put the cream on again.  Again, the pain stopped! This cream is an absolute miracle. The cream stops pain…completely! I now take no narcotics at all, and apply the cream twice daily. Please, do not take my word for it. Just try it.  No matter the source of your pain…just try the cream. It is non-addicting and has few if any side effects. Most doctors will doubt this miracle, just don’t let that keep you from trying it. Use it once…use it always…for your pain!" - William K. Noel, D.O.


Hal from Orem UT

"I highly recommend this regimen of compounding cream from Brown’s Compounding Center and commend them for innovating topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are very effective in relieving pain rather than using oral medicines along with their many side effects. I recognize that Brown's has created other formulations of compounding creams for a variety of applications. Very impressive." - Hal in Orem, UT

Janey in St. George UT

"Thank you so much for the marvelous cream. It’s amazing. The relief I’ve had - and no side effects. I’m glad you are doing this! I had a great uncle in Seattle years ago who learned medicine from the Sioux and never lost a patient during the flu epidemic in 1918. We have so much to learn - and you’ve learned it!" – Janey in Saint George, UT