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Doctors Testimonials

Daniel Drennan

Brown’s Compounding Center provides high quality products that are effective for treating a variety of ailments.  I have been prescribing topical medications for nearly 10 years, and have noticed much better results from the compounded medications provided by Brown’s Compounding Center.  After publishing some articles on topical medications, I realized that the lack of efficacy related mainly to the medication not crossing the skin adequately.  The transport mechanism utilized by Brown’s results in a higher concentration of medications getting to the pain generator.  This results in better pain relief.  The ability to add different medications to the compound allows me to use creams specific to musculoskeletal pain, or to nerve pain, depending on which medication is more appropriate for the pain source.

Additionally, Brown’s Compounding Center delivers the medication to the patient’s door.  There is no need to wait in line for the medication at a pharmacy. Efficacy and efficiency are the primary reasons I prefer Brown’s Compounding Center over their competitors.

Daniel Drennan MD


Comprehensive Pain Specialists

Clinton Mallari

As an interventional pain physician, I am always interested in ways to reduce oral narcotics. I have recently started utilizing Brown's compounded pain creams as an adjunct to my practice and have seen great results. I have been able to reduce the amount of oral pain medications I prescribe and the number of patients I refer for surgical consults. It works great on its own or as an adjunct to other therapies. It has proven effective for back and neck pain, arthritis, different types of neuropathies, and even headaches resulting form occipital neuralgia or migraine. Utilizing compounded pain creams has been a phenomenal addition to my practice!

Clinton Mallari MD
Medical Director Surgery Center of Boise and The Center for Pain Care

Jason Montgomery

We partnered with Brown's pharmacy in 2011. In that time, they have provided us with service unmatched by any other compounding pharmacies. Their business model gives me the feeling of a home town pharmacy that cares about patient outcome more than the profit that is to be made. We have made their products part of our radiofrequency ablation protocol. The transdermal pain creams have made such a big difference in the post procedure pain that many patients do not require opiate pain medications or an increase in their baseline medications for post procedure pain. Darby and his staff are innovative and always looking for new formulas to improve our patient's function and decrease their pain. I would recommend Brown's pharmacy to any practice with the same goals.

Jason Montgomery PA-C